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Safe & relaxing

We are very much looking forward to welcoming and pampering you again soon.
Despite all the anticipation about the declining numbers, we always keep the safety and health of our guests and our staff in mind. 
We attach great importance to attentive and considerate cooperation. 
We trust in your self-responsibility to protect your own health and that of your fellow human beings. 

Cleaning and disinfection:
Daily cleaning and disinfection in all public areas; disinfection dispensers distributed throughout the house; regular daily airing of the rooms; laundry and textiles are washed and cleaned according to hygiene regulations;  
Check-in, check-out To avoid waiting times, we kindly ask you to send us your registration data electronically before arrival. Of course you can pay contactless or transfer the outstanding amount from home in advance.
Wellness: We make sure that you can enjoy our sauna area without any worries. There are already clear guidelines through the bath hygiene regulations. According to studies, corona viruses don't stand a chance due to the high humidity and high temperatures. In addition, the saunas and the steam bath may only be used by a certain number of guests at the same time - PLEASE observe the signs in the wellness facility.

You can find all the legal requirements and lots of information about your holiday here