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Spa & Wellness iN THE montafon

The wellness complex is for the exclusive use of our hotel guests

Here in the Hotel Traube in St. Gallenkirch / Gortipohl we offer guests a small but superior selection of spa facilities. The complex comprises several diaphoretic saunas set to various temperatures, a relaxing steam bath and a gentle infra-red cabin. You can also wind down in the relaxation room with its water beds and massage couches, or cool off under the fun showers or in the cold air grotto. And if the real sun were to let you down, you can always make up for it in our hotel solarium.  


The Finnish sauna:

With an air temperature of 90° C and humidity of 5-10 % your body warms up gradually. After 10 minutes an infusion will accelerate the perspiration process. Afterwards, stimulate your circulation with a cold shower or a spell in the cold air grotto.


Here you can relax for up to 15 minutes in an air temperature of 50-60° C and a pleasant humidity of 40-45%. The added aromatherapy unblocks the airways and the lighting effects relax the mind.

Infra-red cabin:

Mild perspiration in these lower temperatures (approx. 35° C), which you can control yourself, creates a gentle new lease of life, easing back pain, strengthening the immune system and relaxing muscular tension.